We Identify Resources Available to Special Needs Families.

Periodically, we publish a new episode that identifies and highlights resources available to special needs families and caregivers in Texas. Our guests will enlighten and inspire you; possibly both. Subscriptions are always free and available wherever you find podcasts.

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We Produce a Family Show.

Literally. The making of Beyond Disability Texas is a family project and a whole lot of fun!



Hosts & Producers

Beyond Disability Texas

Upon moving to San Antonio in late 2015, their first priority was identification of services available for their daughter, Emma, as a special needs student. While there are a myriad of services available in San Antonio and across Texas, trying to identify the most appropriate schools, organizations, and agencies is often challenging and sometimes paralyzing. Having now done so, they decided to do what they could to help highlight some of the resources for other special needs parents and caregivers.



Production Assistant, Beyond Disability Texas

Host, Talking Mickey Project

Emma is an adult student and she assists with identification of potential show guests, show production, and show promotion. Emma love San Antonio and its food, culture, and people. Recently, Emma served as Duchess of Fiesta Especial 2019, an official program of Fiesta San Antonio hosted by disABILITYsa. She is an advocate for children and adults with special needs and has served as a volunteer at CRIT USA and Morgan's Wonderland. Emma hosts her own YouTube Channel, called Talking Mickey Project.

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